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Nice to e-meet you!

I'm Kelly Muhovic
Artist, Woodworker, Content Creator
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Growing Up


I was born & raised in Panama City, Florida - a true beach girl & very much my dad's daughter. He was (& still is) constantly fixing, tinkering & problem solving. I was by his side for all his projects, even if just holding a flashlight. He raised me to think critically & learn often. While he didn't necessarily raise me as a woodworker, he was often teaching me new tools & techniques. Looking back now, I think what he gave me is an "I bet I can do that" attitude that has carried throughout my entire life.


I studied architecture at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. I graduated summa cum laude, receiving a double bachelors in Architecture & Architectural Science + a minor in mathematics. I'm very proud of my time in architecture school, it was a perfect fit for me. It felt like a smart art, the perfect combination of design & math.

Early Career

I began my career during the 2009 recession. Despite graduating with honors, I couldn't get a job, which sent me down an entrepreneurial path. I knew I could draw, so I began doing contract work for architectural firms across the Florida panhandle. For more than a year, I did hand drawn renderings of pre-construction builds, elevation studies & presentation drawings for architects. 

Then I moved to Atlanta & landed my dream job - I was working as an intern architect at one of the top 35 firms in the country. I was on top of the world, it was my Mary Tyler Moore moment in the big city. But the realities of being overworked & underpaid made me miss the autonomy & control I felt with self employment.

I decided to go back to my roots & hustle for myself instead. I started doing architectural hand renderings for builders & real estate agents all over Atlanta. I built websites, did graphic design & painted pet portraits. The cliche life of an artist. I was happier & felt more creative, but knew I needed to streamline.

Birth of a Business

In 2017, I fell in love with resin. Initially, I was focused on ready made home goods like cutting boards, lazy susans, serving trays & cake stands. These resin poured boards became the foundation for my future! Soon, my work was sold in West Elm stores around Georgia, my online launches sold out in minutes, I travelled the country selling at popups, & wholesaled to stores across the southeast.

But in 2022, I shifted my business again, focusing more on custom builds, content creation & DIY tutorials. Leaning more into woodworking with my furniture, home & art projects gives me a similar feeling that architecture did - the skill & constant learning required in the workshop, paired with the artistic freedom & creative possibilities of wood & resin, feels equally like a smart art.

Life Today


In my business today, I'm open to creative custom projects & am always excited for the next idea. I dream up projects that spark enthusiasm & look for diversity in my client requests. Many of my builds are turned into DIY tutorials & online content, opening up my business to a new & exciting community. Creativity at every turn.

I've lived my entire life making, creating & experimenting often. That daydreaming determination & never ending search for a universe halting flow state is what drives me most. A lifetime's accumulation of skills plus an eagerness to learn, forever building upon & working towards the next project.

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