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Backyard Critter Feeders

Fun project in my own backyard! The backstory: I began feeding the squirrels & chipmunks in my backyard after the loss of a pet, I needed something to take care of. And these cute little critters were it! I fell in love with watching them through my kitchen window. 7 years later, it was time to upgrade their digs! I also wanted to provide them with a little roof to make it slightly more difficult for watching hawks to attack. (I've never seen that happen, fingers crossed it never does.) These new feeders are made from African Mahogany, a hardwood species that is durable, resists decay, infestation, and warping. I love this little project! The critters & birds do too.

Overall size: (critter crunch feeder) 7"w x 6"h x 9"d, (corn log holder) 8"w x 8"t x 7"d

SOLD, contact for custom orders. 

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